Radio Link Switch RLS

Vendor/Brand independent through universal 230V switching input

230V mains voltage is the most universal communication standard. That’s why all devices which can switch 230V or be switched by 230V can be integrated with RLS - an open solution independent from manufacturer’s own systems.

Synchronized operation of lighting and other electrical consumers

ighting is certainly a typical application for functional group formation, but with RLS other devices can be operated synchronously in ventilation, heating or the like - all without a cable connection.

Unlimited range through MESH technology

MESH radio networks are based on a simple principle: each RLS module is receiver and transmitter at the same time, but for group formation by radio the contact to only one other RLS module is enough. If the range is insufficient due to distance, another RLS module can be placed between as a range extender.

Universal module can be used as master, slave and repeater

RLS is an ‘all-rounder’. If the switching input is assigned, it is a master. If the switching output is assigned, it is a slave. If both are assigned, it is a Master & Slave. If both are not assigned, it is a repeater.

Individual ranges depending on the environment 5 - 20m

Planning requires security, so we give clear indications: range 20m in the open air outside, 10m with free sight line and 5m air gap.