Options Fix Value Dimming

.PFX Motion Detector HF

symbol spannung 230V 50-60Hzsymbol ta -20 +45



Typical Application

Sensor high frequency system 5,8GHz ISM frequency band, max. nominal load 800VA, 360° coverage, parameter preselection via DIP-switch, reach adjustable 2/4/6m, time adjustment 12Sec., 3/15/30Min., light-control settings ~10Lx/100Lx/500Lx/2000Lx, current drain Standby >0.9W, as Master with additionally switched exit clamp. Registered design protected by Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt No. 20 2010 011.944.8

Applicable in public areas such as corridors and stair cases, spottily used areas in interiors, as stand-alone or cross-linked in groups of luminaires in master/slave master/master configuration. Usage in exteriors possible dependent on local conditions.

Replacing an existing switched luminaire by a sensor-controlled luminaire grants the opportunity to adapt the switched-on period to the effective requirements.