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.EBL Single Battery Kit 1h/3h/8h with PowerLED

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Typical Application

Integrated single battery module for fully autonomous operation of the luminaire as emergency illumination, consisting of PowerLED-Modul 2,4W with a red/green indicator LED to indicate troublefree standby mode, control gear with integrated charging unit for the battery pack NiMH 7,2V 1,2Ah. Extended autotest function with autonomously executed functional test every 28 days and an operating test of 1h every 26 weeks. Adjustable to modes: 1h at 180Lm, 3h at 120Lm und 8h at 85Lm.

Implementation of a single battery solution in compact luminaire casings.

Applicable in all luminaires in which surface platines with a diameter or one edge length of less than 215mm or an autonomy of 8h is requested.

.EBX Single Battery Inverter Kit 1h/2h/3h