CONCEPT SFERIQ ETA LED- Idea, Data, Facts and Technology

The ETA LED-Concept and ENEC+

Progress does not replace a good concept but may push it forward. As a trendsetter AKZENTLICHT presented its unique LED wide surface design more than 10 years ago which in the meantime underlined its potential as one of the most sustainable approaches for the usage of LED in general lighting. The principle, once valid as today, starts from the perception that each single pinpoint of light is the more efficient, dazzle-free and long-lasting as its specific power is limited. The concept SFERIQ ETA LED continues this tradition showing that the rapid improvement of LED as the light source of the future can bring a good idea forward. Facts give a definite answer but for us credibility means not only to describe our performance but also to describe how we do! And to create credibility we have asked TÜV Rheinland to certify SFERIQ ETA LED with ENEC+ confirming lighting power and quality.

Energy Efficiency

The principle of conservation of energy is clear. The more electrical energy is transformed into light the smaller is the share of heat remaining. This share of heat is not only lost but additionally it harms lifetime. So energy efficiency is not just an indicator for the cost-benefit ratio, it also indicates sustainability. With system efficiencies of at least 138lm/W and energy efficiency class A++ SFERIQ ETA LED grants optimum conditions for amortization, lifetime and preservation of luminous flux.


  • System-Energy Efficiency: A++

Licht Colours:

  • H3 3.000K warm white: 138 - 142lm/W (+ ∼16%)
  • H4 4.000K neutral white: 148 - 152lm/W (+ ∼15%)

The Lifetime

SFERIQ ETA LED is a combination of a high-efficient surface platine with an exactly matching control gear unit so any indications given are valid for the complete unit. Its remarkably increased efficiency and therefore remarkably decreased body temperature for the first time creates premises for an increased lifetime, indicated based on DIN IEC/PAS 62 717, as 50.000h L83/B10 at an ambient temperature of 25°C. With this predictable preconditions for long-term utility are made transparent and comparable.


  • Lifetime: 50.000h (L83/B10) 25°C ta

Low-Temperature Principle

IR_55.5Not brand-new but reinterpreted is the approved low-temperature principle of our concept SFERIQ ETA LED. Any design of the surface platine relates to the heat generation of the LED and the control gear unit. The distance between diodes, the pinpoints of light, is the crucial parameter as it grants the harmony of light output and at the same time defines the maximum energy input related to the surface platine area. Here two targets are made consistent: As narrow as possible to create the plane light effect and as wide as necessary to grant a sufficient heat management. The matching point is SFERIQ ETA LED, optimally smooth light output at minimal heat generation. Such constellation allows compact and flat luminaire designs with cooling device and efficiency-affecting glare suppression.


  • Average System Temperature: 56°C

LED & Binning

LEDAs a result of the full-scale cooperation between AKZENTLICHT and its partners in research and production the present-day LED generation was developed. With presenting SFERIQ ETA LED revolution replaces evolution in the form of the high-performance LED H2835. A completely new semi-conductor concept with redesigned diode composition creates possibilities that convince from the start and give space for further development. But as we do not only describe what we are presenting but also how it works following a short background to the new technology:
The nominal power of the semiconductor was increased by 300% from former 20mA to 60mA and the light output area was enlarged by 85%, all at the same component dimensions. This way the luminance density is reduced with improved glaring conditions even though the absolute lumen output was increased. The completely new developed integrated heat dissipation device HDW (Heat Dissipation Wafer) ensures temperature conditions that support a long lifetime while the redesigned semi-conductor grants a remarkable increase of direct energy efficiency and a binning of only +/-100K (charge overlapping).

Power Concept

Dia mAh lmUsing the new generation of 2835LED would be a benefit in terms of calculation but AKZENTLICHT uncompromisingly stays to its concept SFERIQ ETA LED. This because tests have proved that the efficiency decreases with raising the operating rate while temperature and glaring effect are increasing. So it makes sense to restrict the energization the way that efficiency, glaring effect and temperature match in an optimum scale. Instead of feeding the LED with its maximum of 60mA the power supply is restricted to 22mA and with an operating rate of 35% related to nominal capacity ideal conditions for a long lifetime and optimized preservation of luminous flux.


  • Maximum Operating Rate of LED: 35%

Quality Of Light

MacAddamsOf course the quality of a light source requires first the compliance with standards and directives or represents the summary of values of lighting engineering but ahead of all it is the endeavour to submit a contribution to the well-being of human beings. At once the preferably easy going on resources is essential. The concept SFERIQ ETA LED measurably follows this guideline - visible at first view.


  • Standards create facts but here impression counts.


SFERIQ ETA LED proceeds from the point that the lighting conditions of LED may come into optimum position where a harmony between light source and its installation surrounding has been created. It is our conviction that standard mass-produced modules do not fulfil this objective. Therefore constantly we design new platine shapes and power stages which are always the result of accurate consideration related to light source and the luminaire casing with its function. We follow this principle with considering multiplicity so even our standard range of surface platines consists of 1.134 versions.
Optimizing the energy input means adaption of power to requirements. So we increased the number of power stages from 8 to 21 and so may grant always exactly the performance necessary at minimized energy consumption.
The concept SFERIQ ETA LED joins the best of both worlds. Components produced in high volumes on constantly high quality level become part of highly individual lighting solutions.


  • Form follows function - no fact, but a principle

Guarantee & Sustainability

What happens if happens what never may happen? In addition to the legal warranty claim AKZENTLICHT grants its 5yrs Sferiq System Guarantee (Registration under on the electrical unit consisting of surface platine and electronic control gear for a period of three years.
Even then for a period of 10 years we approve the possibility to recondition and the availability of any components that may be required to repair or to restore their troublefree operation.
This because sustainability requires products that can be taken back even when happens what may not happen...


  • 5 Years SFERIQ-System Guarantee
  • 10 Years Commitment To Reinstatement