CONCEPT SFERIQ ETA LED- Idea, Data, Facts and Technology

The ETA LED-Concept and ENEC+

Progress does not replace a good concept but may push it forward. As a trendsetter AKZENTLICHT presented its unique LED wide surface design more than 10 years ago which in the meantime underlined its potential as one of the most sustainable approaches for the usage of LED in general lighting. The principle, once valid as today, starts from the perception that each single pinpoint of light is the more efficient, dazzle-free and long-lasting as its specific power is limited. The concept SFERIQ ETA LED continues this tradition showing that the rapid improvement of LED as the light source of the future can bring a good idea forward. Facts give a definite answer but for us credibility means not only to describe our performance but also to describe how we do! And to create credibility we have asked TÜV Rheinland to certify SFERIQ ETA LED with ENEC+ confirming lighting power and quality.

Energy Efficiency

The principle of conservation of energy is clear. The more electrical energy is transformed into light the smaller is the share of heat remaining. This share of heat is not only lost but additionally it harms lifetime. So energy efficiency is not just an indicator for the cost-benefit ratio, it also indicates sustainability. With system efficiencies of at least 138lm/W and energy efficiency class A++ SFERIQ ETA LED grants optimum conditions for amortization, lifetime and preservation of luminous flux.


  • System-Energy Efficiency: A++

Licht Colours:

  • H3 3.000K warm white: 138 - 142lm/W (+ ∼16%)
  • H4 4.000K neutral white: 148 - 152lm/W (+ ∼15%)