In the meantime ENEC ist established as the european certificate and has areplaced the naional certifications even in the public perception. A certification makes sense not only because of the independent technical control of a product but also due to the fact that an annual production control guarantees the continous compliance with certified standard in production.

The particular feature of the certification of Sferiq ETA LED-Technology is the fact that not just a single product but our innovative surface platine technology was matter of control. This ensures that in spite of power, shape or light colour ETA LED is a certified electrical unit.As far as we know this is unique all over Europe.

EN 60086314 001
EN 60086314 002
EN 60110335


In addition to ENEC certificate in 2014 the ENEC+-mark (ENEC Performance) was presented by European Electrical Products Certification Association (EEPCA) in cooperation with Lighting Europe. For the first time an opportunity was established to idependently control and certify manufacturer's information to the performance of products. ENEC+-certified data sheets contain approved indications on:

  • Rated Power
  • Rated Lumen Output
  • Rated Lifetime in Hours with Rated Class (Lx) for decline in luminous flux (ETA LED=50.000hrs., L83)
  • Failure rate (By) after rated lifetime (ETA LED=B10)
  • Lum. Flux maintenance factor - colour coordinates at t=0 h and t=x h
  • Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT in K)
  • Rated Colur Rendering Index
  • Ambience Temperature Rate of electrical unit
  • Rated Lumen Output of electrical unit

AKZENTLICHT belongs to the first manufacturers that are able to provide ENEC+ certified product documentation. Moreover we are sure to be the first to show a fully ENEC+ certified technical concept with Sferiq ETA LED.

EN 60113647